We help you Connect Your Money To Your Life TM,
so you can devote yourself to living the life you dream and design.

The Lofy Group

Connecting Your Money To Your Life TM

Lofy Group Wealth Management, Inc. is a Phoenix, Arizona-based financial services team that partners with you to provide integrated, tailored strategies to pursue your short and long-term financial needs. We work as your strategic partner to offer a wide range of services and financial investment choices. In this way, Lofy Group strives to help you grow, preserve, and transfer your wealth in the most efficient and tax-effective manner.

Our disciplined financial planning process takes into account your entire financial picture and life goals.

Our investment management philosophy is to seek to maximize returns while minimizing potential risks, through highly diversified portfolios. We seek to capture upside potential, mitigate risk, and manage volatility. Your individualized portfolio is designed specifically for you, and integrated into your complete financial picture including your estate plan, business/work strategies, asset protection needs, and transfer and legacy goals and wishes.

Lofy Group exists to fill needs that became evident during years of service. Over decades of service as a financial advisor, attorney, and CPA, it became clear to Thomas Lofy that the relationship many people have with wealth does not serve them well or move them toward the lives they want to live. Worry, stress, fear, shame, obsession, and a host of other barriers got in the way. When people came to Thomas, he often heard things like “I don’t know what I have, or what I should have - I don’t know what I don’t know.” They were overwhelmed, and the avoidance response of “don’t look” was often controlling.

The result was that families and businesses did not have a plan, they did not know what they had, they had exposure to risks they were not aware of, and they were missing opportunities. They were not connecting their finances with their goals and desires.

Every person is the Chief Financial Officer of his or her own financial affairs, but most of us are not trained for the role, and do not have the time or interest to devote to the role, including the time to keep current on the myriad of changes effecting a person’s wealth.

Lofy Group exists to help our clients manage their wealth. Decades of service, clients’ successes and hardships, and inspiration have culminated in our time-tested systems, methods, and advanced technologies. We use those to provide tailored strategies.

Lofy Group Wealth Management offers:

  • Financial strategies that support your integrated wealth plan, including tax, business and estate planning
  • In-depth portfolio design, implementation and monitoring by experienced financial professionals actively managing your accounts
  • Dynamic coordination of diverse financial holdings and consolidation of accounts
  • Application of expanded asset classes attuned to your overall goals and your investment personality

We want to help you turn your life aspirations into financial reality, and Connect Your Money To Your Life TM.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio.  Diversification does not protect against market risk.