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Other Commentaries

  • Portfolio Compass provides a snapshot of LPL Financial Research’s currents views on equity and alternative asset classes, the equity sectors, and fixed income.  Biweekly.
  • Market Insight is intended to provide clarity and context to the issues affecting the economy, stock market, and bond market.  Quarterly.
  • Markets At A Glance highlights which asset classes outperformed and underperformed relative to the broad equity market, and which segments of the bond market outperformed and underperformed the overall bond market.  Quarterly.
  • Outlook provides and discusses our predictions for the markets and the economy.  Semi-annually.

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  • Market Commentary offers insights into domestic and global financial market events, policy actions, and geopolitical impacts.  Weekly.
  • Economic Commentary provides a recap of the previous week’s hot topics and an outlook of upcoming events.  Weekly.