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Family Survivors’ Succession Roadmap™

Family Survivors’ Succession Roadmap TM

What happens to your loved ones if you die, or otherwise can’t handle your own affairs?

Wouldn’t it be good if the Survivors in your Family had a Roadmap of what to do, and what to expect?

“Succession”: The estate, rights, and duties a person leaves after his/her death. The coming of one person or thing after another in order, sequence, or in the course of events. The transfer of legal or official powers from an individual who formerly held them to another who undertakes current responsibilities to execute those powers. 

You very likely want these:

No mess

No fighting

No waste (including expenses and taxes)

No embarrassment

No unnecessary burden on family

No abuse


The right team

Trusted "One Place" TM

To do your job, to see to a smooth ending, and a good ending.  

Why not give your loved ones a Family Survivors’ Succession Roadmap TM, in our Ten Money/Life Keys TM , for your financial life:

 I. Family   

II. Community & Legacy

III. Financial Planning & Retirement; Work/Life Goals, Lifestyle Management, Life Cycle


IV. Preservation Planning & Risk Management

V.  Legacy, Estate Planning, Wealth Transfer, Titling & Beneficiary Designations

VI. Assets & Investments

VII. Liabilities, Income, Expenses, & Cash Flow

VIII. Taxes

IX. Recordkeeping

X. Miscellaneous & Other Matters

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